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Hinata getting some much deserved Senpai love.


Who allows you to dress this way???


noiz stickin’ out his tongue like the biggest nerd baby that he is

(Meme me up) Meme me up inside (I can’t meme up) Meme me up inside (Save me) Call my name and save me from the meme (Meme me up) Bid my meme to run (I can’t meme up) Before I come undone (Save me) Save me from the meme I’ve become
Anonymous said: Noiz cramming his face with pizza as he looks at Aoba erotically.



 I was totally listening to jazzy love songs while drawing this.


my little flower prince


yes i want to marry haruka whats ur point


When a friend makes a new OC it’s like. Omg you’ve made the most adorable creature??? Tell me everything about them. Can I ship them with this other OC? Can I ship them with MY OC? I think i accidentally wrote a fanfic??? Someone said they were boring????? Who is taLKING SHIT ABOUT MY BEAUTIFUL GODCHILD

scared hinata hiding behind people

"Why did I feel surprised just now? Rather, it feels more like worry than surprise… but either way, I felt like I was startled…"


HQ!! by Hamachiumai
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